Method Man + Raekwon + Ghostface + DJ Mathematics = Avenging Eagles


Before Wu-Tang Clan all stars Method Man, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah bring the pain with their upcoming Wu-Massacre, DJ Mathematics is going to get things warmed up with Avenging Eagles. The mixtape is a collaboration with Def Jam featuring classic cuts from the trio.

It’s a lengthy one. At 48 tracks long, it should hold you until their album drops on March 30. Peep the track listing below. We’ll have the download link for the tape when it drops. —Brad Wete

Avenging Eagles Track Listing:

  1. 01-Intro
  2. 02-Mef vs. Chef (Exclusive)
  3. 03-Miranda (Exclusive)
  4. 04-House of Flying Daggers
  5. 05-The Turn
  6. 06-Paisley Darts
  7. 07-Silent
  8. 08-Cuban Chronicles (Exclusive)
  9. 09-Where Your Heat At?
  10. 10-Four Minutes to Lock Down
  11. 11-All Flowers (Exclusive)
  12. 12-RUSH (Mathematics Mix)
  13. 13-Method Man PLO Freestyle (Exclusive Classic)
  14. 14-RUSH 2
  15. 15-One (Mathematics Mix)
  16. 16-It’s Yours (Mathematics Mix)
  17. 17-Goldmine
  18. 18-For This
  19. 19-Deadly Venoms
  20. 20-Tony Montana
  21. 21-Afterparty
  22. 22-The General (Exclusive)
  23. 23-Murda Goons
  24. 24-The M.E.T.H.
  25. 25-Wu-Gambino’s
  26. 26-260thy
  27. 27-Wu-Tangs 1st radio appearance (WBIA-SUPER EXCLUSIVE)
  28. 28-St. Ides Commercial (Exclusive)
  29. 29-Eye For A Eye
  30. 30-Right Back At You
  31. 31-Extortion
  32. 32-10 Bricks
  33. 33-Raekwon and Ghostface Live Radio Freestyle (Exclusive)
  34. 34-Iron God Chamber
  35. 35-It’s What It Is
  36. 36-Diz iz 4 All My Smokers
  37. 37-Black Cream (My Guitar)
  38. 38-Where It Started At
  39. 39-Fast Shadow feat. ODB (Exclusive)
  40. 40-Block Rock
  41. 41-About Me
  42. 42-Drummer
  43. 43-Watch Your Mouth
  44. 44-Cash Still Rules-Scary Hours
  45. 45-Box In Hand
  46. 46-7th Chamber Part 2
  47. 47-Ghostface Freestyle Live On The Radio (Exclusive)
  48. 48-Newcomer feat. Eyes-Low