Milan Runway Rundown


You didn’t think that Fashion Week ended with New York, right?  Fashion Week is like a travelling circus: after New York comes London, then Milan, then Paris.   We’re just getting started.

Milan is where fashion really happens and what we see on the runways there is likely to shape what we’ll be wearing by next year. 

If Prada has anything to do with it, women will be dressing like 50’s housewives whose style wavers between Betty Crocker, the local librarian and Mrs. Robinson—basically a variation on a similar fetish. 

For Fall 2010, Miuccia Prada sent out women in thick cable knits with matching A-line skirts, heavy overcoats ready to be flashed open to seduce some young boy, and retro embroidered cocktail dresses for a night of heavy with Jack Daniels and Virginia Slims.  The retro look was both a little kinky and high-fashion.

Trend takeway: Thick knits, A-line skirts, wool leggings

Now whereas the Prada women was thoroughly ensconced in her prefab home with her cookbooks and drinking habit, the D&G girl was out skiing.  The clothes at D&G were exactly what New Yorkers wish they could be wearing right now to trudge through the current snowpocalypse.  There were oversized winter knits with moose and snowflake patterns coupled with big furry boots that would make the abominable snowman melt with envy.  Have a cocktail event to attend?  D&G didn’t leave you stranded in the snow: there were silky dresses in autumn colors to make you stand out, even if you’re snowed in. 

Trend takeaway: Preppy knit sweaters, Boots with the fur, fur accents

If you really want to turn up the heat, go to Dsquared2 to get outfitted in your dominatrix finest.  There was scant attention paid to the fact that it was winter—save for the occasional fur coat—since the Dsquared woman was getting her freak on inside. 

It was all vamp down the runway with latex and leather combinations. We’ve officially gone from the knee-high to the thigh-high to the sky high boot: boots so high you don’t even see where they end.  Black leather jackets over lipstick red latex leggings give a femme-fatale look for the woman who lays it all on the table, and we don’t mean the library table.

Trend takeaway: Just go to your local S&M store.  Same effect, lower price.