Miss Apple Bottoms 2010 Is Crowned In Netherlands


After searching high and low, Apple Bottoms has crowned their “Miss Apple Bottoms 2010 The Netherlands.”

Anna Perret, 18, was chosen as the Netherlands’ Apple Bottoms representative after three rounds of competition—evening, swimsuit, and casual– with 15 other contestants.

Perret (pictured below) will go on to represent Apple Bottoms in the Netherlands through a series of advertisement and commercial campaigns. 

The model search doesn’t end there, though. Nelly’s ladies clothing line will expand the search for Miss Apple Bottoms in 20 different countries around the world, where the winner from each country will compete against each other for the title of Miss Apple Bottoms Europe 2010. 

There are definite plans for Miss Apple Bottoms North America in the near feature. —Caroline Acosta