New Motorola Phone DEVOURs Twitter & Facebook


Sleek, shiny, elegant and super Twitter and Facebook-friendly—that’s what you can expect from the new Motorola DEVOUR. Though it’s basically a better-looking version of the Motorola DROID that’s been on the streets for a minute now, the DEVOUR is a little easier to manage for someone that has absolutely no idea what the hell Android is. If you watched the Super Bowl, you no doubt saw the DEVOUR commercial featuring Megan Fox (we’ve posted a refresher below if you, um, forget what the commercial was all about) and wondered, ‘Why do I need that?’ The short answer is this: MotoBLUR. The phone has some other cool features (aluminum casing, removable storage, etc.) but the real draw here is that MotoBLUR makes it easy for you to keep track of your Twitter account, your Facebook account, your Gmail account and a bunch of your other accounts right on your home page. So there’s no need to open up six different apps just to tell folks what you’re up to. There’s not a lot of bells and whistles here—just a clear interface that makes it easy for you to do the things you need to do on the phone. If you’re looking for more apps and want a more advanced experience, the Droid might be the way to go. But for anyone looking to capture the Android experience without using up too many brain cells, we recommend devouring the DEVOUR. It’s available now for just $99 at Best Buy with a new two-year plan. —Chris Yuscavage

As promised, the much-talked-about Megan Fox DEVOUR commercial from the Super Bowl: