Oh Snap! Michelle Obama Dressmaker Designs Camera


If you don’t know who Jason Wu is, it’s time to get familiar. Outside of working with Ivana Trump, January Jones and RuPaul early in his career, the fashion designer has made his big breakthrough over the course of the last year and a half by designing four dresses for the First Lady Michelle Obama. She wore one just before the 2008 election during an interview with Barbara Walters, one on the night of the Presidential Inauguration, one during President Obama’s first trip to Europe and one to meet the Queen of England.

So it’s a little surprising to hear that the 27-year-old designer recently hooked up with General Imaging (the digital camera branch of General Electric) to design the Create by Jason Wu camera collection—and he’s keeping things simple. Though the cameras will come in a range of colors and textures (metal and leather will be available), the Create allows you to shoot pictures, choose what type of flash you want and view your galleries afterwards. That’s about it. It does have 12 megapixels, 3x optical zoom and a 2.7-inch LCD, but there are very few extra features once you actually turn the thing on. Check for a 4GB version of the camera to debut for about $180 and an 8GB version for about $230 when these debut on the Home Shopping Network in mid-March.—Chris Yuscavage

Check out this convo Wu had with New York Magazine last year: