Raheem DeVaughn: ‘MasterPeace’ Is ‘On The Last Poets Vibe’


In the viscous world we live in, Raheem DeVaughn feels like his forthcoming Love & War: The MasterPeace, in stores next Tuesday (March 2), will provide a much-needed moment of clarity.

“That’s something we’re all trying to master internally,” DeVaughn tells VIBE of his album’s title. “I think we live in a constant state of emergency.” The R&B star also says his MasterPeace is “half socially conscious, half love,” adding that he’s “more big on [people] hearing the conscious songs than the love ones.”

To reinforce the set’s points, Raheem asked philosopher and activist Dr. Cornell West to narrate the entire album. “I played the songs for him and it wasn’t even rocket science,” says the singer. “He just went in and started knocking it out. That definitely helped a lot as far as connecting the dots. It’s almost on the Last Poets vibe.” 

The Washington, D.C., native is known for repping his 202 area code, but recently he’s been happy to support another set.

“I just started my own indie record label called 368 Music Group,” he says. “The first artist that we have from out of the area is [rapper] Phil Adé. The whole 368 movement is feeling like the early stages of what Puff had with Bad Boy where everybody just wants to be down with it.” —Brad Wete