Republicans Polled Believe Prez Obama is Racist, Socialist, Non-U.S. Citizen


A new poll shows that 2,000 Republican voters believe that Obama is a racist, socialist and/or a non-US citizen. Such over-the-top hysteria, which doesn’t connect with the views of the mainstream public, is particularly disproportionate among respondents in the South (42 percent).

The figures provided by the Daily Kos/Research 2000 show that 39 percent of Republicans believe Obama should be impeached; 36 percent believe he was not born in the United States; 31 percent believe Obama is a “racist who hates White people;” 53 percent say that Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is more qualified to be the president; while a whopping 61 percent believe that Obama is a socialist.

The news comes just days after President Obama answered his conservative critics at the Republicans’ Baltimore retreat last Friday. The televised Q&A was roundly viewed as a triumph for Obama by a diverse range of political commentators. – Keith Murphy