Rihanna: ‘I’m Single’


Rihanna appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday (Feb. 1) to kick off the talk-show host’s Grammy Week.

After treating the audience to a live performance of “Don’t Stop The Music” and her hit single, “Hard,” Ellen got into the gossip questions when the young star sat on her couch.

Despite recent photos of her cuddling up and kissing Los Angeles Dodgers’ star Matt Kemp popping up on the Internet, Rihanna said she is not in a relationship.

“I’m single,” she told Ellen, with a giggle.

The host then came with a follow-up question about Matt Kemp, to which Rihanna didn’t answer, smiling and laughing.

Ellen let her off easy, and it was left at that.

Maybe it was just a hook-up? What do you think?