Shoedini! New Kicks Are More Laced, Buckled & Belted Than Ever


High fashion and hightops get hitched for Spring 2010 couture. This season, designers brought out footwear with some standout detailing and serious price tags. Anything with zippers, buckles and paraphernalia that might be found on a parachute pack are all game. Here are three pairs that will leave you strapped for more than just cash. —Adrien Field

Dior Homme ($850; Riccardi)
There’s enough rope on these Dior Homme hightops for a round robin double dutch tourney. Luckily, there’s a zipper in the back so those laces don’t tie you down.



Raf Simons ($1,095; Oki-Ni)
These might be worth their price tag for the nostalgic factor alone—don’t those buckled straps remind you of the Velcro shoes you thought were the flyest thing imaginable as a young’un?



Gucci ($TBA)
Something about these hightops looks as high-tech as an iPad. Sadly, like any iFad, you can count on about a one-year life span before they’re kicked off for something new.

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