Trey Songz On Blueprint 3 Tour: ‘I Will Make My Mark’


Trey Songz enjoyed the biggest year of his career in 2009. Now, he’s touring with two of the biggest rappers in the game, Jay-Z and Young Jeezy. The Blueprint 3 tour stops in New Orleans tonight, and Atlanta and Greensboro, N.C., over the weekend before hitting New York City’s Madison Square Garden on March 2.

A few weeks before the outing kicked off, Trey spoke to VIBE about his major look. “I actually had a couple tour proposals, and this one was in the best alignment with what I have going on,” he said. “My 2009 career path was very urgent and very full, and I think the Blueprint 3 tour is very urgent as well, diverse crowd. And you know Jay said he need me to bring the ladies out. He got no girls.”

All jokes aside, Trey always performs well vocally but admits his showmanship on stage could use some tweaking—“My actions, just demanding the stage and demanding the audience’s attention,” said the singer. “Entertaining is a craft and there’s no one way to do it. There’s the way that suits you as an artist and I’m still exploring that.” 

His show antics aren’t likely to go as far as his acrobatic peers Chris Brown, Omarion and Usher.

“I think if I was one of those artists, I probably wouldn’t be on this tour. Kudos to everybody that dances and sings ’cause that’s phenomenal and very hard to do. It’s all about precision so I admire that,” said Trey. “That’s not really me, though. I’ll give you a little something here or there, but I don’t know when in the history books it said because you sing you have to dance. If you’re not comfortable doing it, you shouldn’t do it because people can see that on you.” 

While Trey has no problem holding the ladies’ attention, hooking the fellas is another story. Even as a supporting act, Trey isn’t unconcerned with being overshadowed by the bigwigs.

“It’s really about making sure that the show is digestible for all audiences. Because no matter what [Jay and Jeezy] do, I’m still me,” said Trey. “We joke around about the Mob Squad, doing an album and stuff like that. I’m just making sure I maintain my presence and my personality ’cause those are dominant players in the game. Jay-Z’s done it all and it is a Jay-Z tour. But I will make my mark on this tour.” —Clover Hope

Trey Songz Blueprint 3 Tour Rehearsal Footage