Wal-Mart Practices Vudu


You’re about to have yet another way to watch a movie through your TV. Monday, news broke that Wal-Mart is set to acquire the online movie service Vudu for about $100 million. So, what does that mean for you? Well, for one, you may have a new way to rent the high-definition movies that aren’t currently available through your cable company’s On-Demand service. By connecting a Vudu box to your hi-def TV, you can get access to hundreds of movies in hi-def and surround sound. Unfortunately, while Vudu sounded like a good idea in the past, it struggled because, outside of paying the fees you need to pay to rent flicks, you also had to invest in a Vudu box that sold for upwards of $400. Now that Wal-Mart’s gotten its hands on the service, though, expect that all to change as we have to believe they’re going to drastically slash the price of the box and the movies. Just don’t tell us there’s nothing to watch on TV… —Chris Yuscavage

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