11 Infamous Cheaters! (Pg 2)


Swizz Beatz


The super producer tried to keep his secret relationship with R&B “sweetheart” Alicia Keys on the down low for a minute. But after his estranged wife Mashonda publicly aired out the couple on Twitter in September of 2009, the jig was up. Swizz and Keys can now be seen holding hands at an event near you. 



Shaquille O’Neal


Shaq’s various dalliances during his marriage to Shaunie O’Neal have become the stuff of legend. But amongst the stories of live-in strippers and a possible baby on the side, we have to go with the rumor of the Diesel’s alleged affair with Gilbert Arenas’ fiancé Laura Govan. Don’t wait for those wedding invitations. 



Lionel Richie

Sure Lionel and Brenda Richie were going through some marital turbulence. But that didn’t stop Mr. Dancing On The Ceiling’s wife from dishing out a full beatdown in 1988 on the singer and his mistress after catching them in bed together. Lionel got a black eye. Brenda received a hefty divorce settlement.

Matthew Knowles


The whispers of Papa Knowles infidelities are no longer whispers with the news that Beyonce’s dad is the father of Alexsandra Wright’s baby boy, Nixon. SMH. Cue “Papa was a rolling Knowles…”