11 Infamous Cheaters!


Celebs who cheat is nothing new. What’s new is that so many of them are getting caught out there thanks to money hungry jump offs, Twitter and leaked e-mails. From Tiger Woods to Sandra Bullock’s wayward husband Jesse James, there’s no such thing as having a secret lover anymore. These celebs-turn-cheaters have stepped out and made headlines yet the results of their infidelities vary. Please Note: This list is Politican-free. –Keith Murphy 


Tiger Woods



So far the very married golfing icon has allegedly bedded 15 different women, which currently includes a cocktail waitresses, a club hostess and a few porn stars. We’re not sure if Tiger’s embarrassed wife Elin is going to stick around much longer but some of his sponsors sure have. But we can’t say we haven’t been enjoying Tiger’s epic revelations of golden showers, rough sex and kinky threesomes. Yikes. Sex addiction aside, Tiger and his clubs are going to return to the sport that made him a billionaire to play in the upcoming Masters.


Kobe Bryant 



The Black Mamba is a serious player on the court. But off the court, not so much. In 2007, the NBA superstar had to defend himself against assault charges, which was later revealed to be consensual sex with a 19-year-old Colorado hotel worker. Bryant’s wife Vanessa stood by her man after receiving a $4 million  eight-carat diamond ring. Who says it’s cheaper to keep her?


Eric Benet



After Benet was busted cheating on his criminally gorgeous wife Halle Berry, the singer was one of the first high profile husbands to go the “sex rehabilitation clinic” route. He introduced the urban community to the idea of “sex addiction” too bad no one believed him. For his praise-worthy bravery he was rewarded with divorce papers.


Gabrielle Union

Unfairly or not, ageless wonder Ms. Union has garnered a reputation in Hollywood as a man stealer who has had alleged affairs with married men LL Cool J, Boris Kodjoe and Dwayne Wade. The recently divorced All-Star Miami Heat guard and the veteran actress have since come out as a couple. We see you Gabby.

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