5 Great Things About Blueprint 3 MSG Concert (Pg. 2)


3. MSG Hearts Young Jeezy
During Jeezy’s set, Jay-Z reminded the crowd of the courtesy rules: they were to welcome the Atlanta trapper with open arms at all times. “You got ‘em?” Hov asked Jeezy. “I got ‘em, my nigga… So this is the Garden right chea?” Heavily chained, Jeezy Hamilton then hit us with a bunch of energizing bangers, including “Who Dat?” “Crazy World,” his verse on Rihanna’s “Hard” and “Put On.” Afterward, Hov came back out and told the crowd: “New York City, welcome Young Jeezy to the Garden!” Now can he get on Twitter?


4. Barack Obama Cameo
After a “Black President (Remix)” duet with Young Jeezy, Jay-Z told the crowd to pause for “a word from our president.” No, Barack Obama couldn’t make it in person, but the big homie was there in spirit. Hov stood in front of a huge screen that played brief footage of Obama’s speech wherein he dusted off his shoulders. No better way to introduce the boastful Timbaland-helmed track.

5. Overtime FTW!
About five minutes before 11 p.m., closing time, Jay-Z joked about the strict Garden rules. “I don’t know if y’all know about the Garden… It’s like 80 million dollars a minute.” But he’s got money to blow. “Fuck it I’ll go into overtime.” Jay advised the “new” Jay-Z fans that, “This would be a good time to go home.” And his eternal hypeman Memphis Bleek returned for the medley of classics, from “Money Ain’t A Thang” to “Can I Get A” to “Hard Knock Life.” “Y’all cost me a little money tonight, but I don’t mind,” said Jay, capping the night with “Encore.” There were some famous friends (LeBron James, Shaq, Diddy, in the crowd). But no famous guest appearances… Just the best lyricist.