5 Reasons We Loved Erykah Badu’s Secret NYC Concert (pg. 2)


②  Her Band Kills
Armed with a groove-obsessed keyboardist, two sturdy background singers, a powerful drummer and a bassist that was seemingly in pocket during the entire show, this was Badu’s tightest and funkiest unit to date. After hearing her neo soul favorite “Apple Tree” get transformed into a “Planet Rock” style work-out (complete with Badu on the beat machine), you realize that this group of musicians are on some next shit.

①  Badu’s Voice Is In Top Form
Badu displayed the type of otherworldly pitch control usually reserved for veteran jazz vocalists. Classics like “Other Side of The Game,” “On And On,” and a surprising turn on her guest spot on Outkast’s “Liberation” as well as newer material “20 Feet Wall” and “Window Seat” were elevated by a brave voice that was never afraid to go outside the proverbial musical box. One moment Badu is channeling ancient African chants on “My People” and the next she’s taking it to a southern Baptist church on “Soldier.” Bring on the tour.

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