5 Things You Missed In Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” Video


Avant-garde, heady, glaringly pro-vixen, with over 500,000 viewers since its premiere last night, who didn’t catch the bizarro visuals for Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s “Telephone”? But plenty can be missed in an epic, nine-and-a-half minute video where rugged, g-strung chicks prance in a prison aisle. Don’t worry about growing a third eye to catch all the details, VIBE took to the pause button to bring you five moments you’ve might’ve overlooked in Gaga’s zaniest video yet. —Tracy Garraud

1. Oriental Subtitles (6:09): Remember that ass Tyrese smacked? Needless to say, the owner had a few foreign words for him. Don’t look at us for a translation.

2. Cook-N-Kill (7:07): The ingredients inside Gaga’s secret blue potion of death: rat poison, Meta-cyanide, Fex-M3, and Tiberium. While the latter three are fictional, an unlucky dog learns the former kills more than just rodents (more on that later).