50 Cent Says He’s Going Uptempo For ‘Black Magic’ LP


If 50 Cent is facing a decline, someone forgot to tell the cocky rap vet.

The controversial Queens, New York spitter, who is currently on tour in Europe in support of his latest album Before I Self Destruct, is already recording tracks for a follow-up.

50 promises the in-the-making project tentatively titled Black Magic will step outside his musical comfort zone, and even experimenting with more up-tempo, club-aimed production.

“Going into this album I feel like I can do anything,” 50 told VIBE. “Just think about the time I first came out with [Get Rich or Die Tryin’]. Ja Rule was out. He had the love songs and was singing in the rain with Mary J. Blige. Nelly was super hot with a lot of melody. But it didn’t have the same aggression and danger that I had because that’s where I was at. But I’m in a secure place right now. People who come from similar environment respect me. I’ve never changed.”

One person who 50 credits with pushing him to expand his sound is friend and frequent collaborator Eminem.

“A lot of artists haven’t sold 12 million records on one CD, but I have,” Fif’ explains. “That’s why Eminem humbles me. He’s at 20 million with The Marshall Mathers LP. That might not ever be possible again. That’s why I can accept constructive criticism from him. He just wants me to win.” —Keith Murphy

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