7 Things Lil Wayne Will Miss While He’s In Prison (pg. 8)


7. His 28th birthday present from Baby…
September 27, 2010. Talk about a bad day for Lil Wayne. Outside of spending his birthday behind bars, he’s also gonna miss out on his annual birthday gift from his “daddy” Baby. And say what you want about the Birdman (like, uh, WTF was he thinking when he went ahead and did this?!), but the guy knows how to give one helluva birthday gift. During his 27th birthday party last year, Wayne got a million-dollar watch, a diamond-encrusted cake and a big-ass bottle of Dom Perignon. This year? Ummm…someone send a kite.

If all goes well and he gets his prison sentence reduced due to good behavior, Lil Wayne could be out of prison in November. But clearly, he’s still going to miss plenty of things between then and now. Can you think of anything else he may miss during his time away? Leave a comment below and let us know.