7 Things Lil Wayne Will Miss While He’s In Prison


So, Lil Wayne is finally in jail. Not that we’ve been looking forward to it or anything, but after sitting through all the court appearances and sentencing delays and root canals and courthouse fires, we do have to agree that we’re glad Weezy F. Baby’s legal battle stemming from a 2007 gun charge is finally over.

In the weeks leading up to his imprisonment, everyone from Drake to Baby to Young Jeezy went on the record to talk about how much they’re going to miss Lil Wayne while he’s locked up on Rikers Island for the next year (or the next eight months with good behavior, as some folks are already hoping). From his music to his energy to his presence, there are certainly plenty of things we’re all going to miss about Wayne this year. Thing is, he is going to miss a lot, too. And we’re not just talking about studio time and tour dates, either. Losing a year of your life may not seem like a big deal, but you actually miss out on a whole bunch of stuff when you’re away in the big house. To prove the point, we grabbed a calendar and circled seven things Wayne’s gonna miss thanks to his bid. Something tells us he’s gonna have plenty of catching up to do in 2011. —Chris Yuscavage