Are Groupies the New Gossip Bloggers?


Groupies are taking advantage of the freedom the Internet provides to share their scandalous tales of celebrity romps. But have they gone too far?

Gossip bloggers may have cluttered the Internet but there’s room for more rabble-rousers. Groupies are beginning to tweet and blog sexual exploits with celebrities, blowing up every sordid detail like an army grenade. This is a disturbing new trend that is potentially more precarious for groupie bloggers than the celebrities. is the latest e-fire-starter that in a matter of a short couple of weeks already boasts, “2.4 million views and counting.” Kat Stacks is a Miami-based stripper who alleges to have slept with Bow Wow, Young Money members Lil’ Za and Jae Millz and even Aaron Carter. She shamelessly writes typo-filled stories and posts screen grabs of Twitter conversations and emails with various artists as proof. “I wasn’t gonna expose nobody but I’m sick of Celebrities treating b–ches like sh-t !!” is what Stacks wrote in one of her early entries.

Nelly is the only celebrity acknowledging that he met her (it wasn’t anything sexual). He tweeted that people shouldn’t “go in on her” because some of her blogs might bring you to tears. This is true. Stacks posted candid blogs about being beat up several times by her baby daddy and multiple failed suicide attempts. However, is she really crying out for help or enjoying her newfound fame, Superhead style? [Click here to read more at The BVX]

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