Asher Roth Has A Cure For The Munchies

Unless you’re a brazen racist, it’s pretty impossible to hate Asher Roth, especially when he knows how to sedate a hectic workday. From his coming mixtape with DJ Wreckineyez, Seared Foie Gras w/ Quince & Cranberry (dropping March 23)the friendly stoner borrows and blesses Talib Kweli’s classic “Hot Thing” to recite his mary jane munchies. Lines like, “Now I’m stonin’ and all alone it’s like 3 up in the morn, east coast/So you know I need some hot wangz and some chop sticks for my low mein” are pleasantly laxed and relatable. There’s only a week left till the full platter, but this cut leaves us hungry for more. —Tracy Garraud