Blackballed Celebrities (Pg. 2)



Good Times: Only In America could two rapping, singing German black dudes with hair braid extensions sell six million copies of their debut album (1989’s Girl You Know It’s True). It was even more ridiculous than it sounds.

Blackballed: The rub? It turns out they never recorded a song. A 1989 lip-synching mishap during a “live” MTV performance in Connecticut exposed Fav and Rob as fakers as they were shamed into giving back their 1990 Grammy award for Best New Artist. In April of ‘98, while Milli Vanilli was attempting a comeback, a troubled Rob was found dead in a Frankfurt hotel, a victim of an apparent drug overdose. And Brown thinks he has problems?




Good Times: For years, Mr. Nino Brown flexed his muscles as one of Hollywood top dogs as his Blade film trilogy grossed over $400 million worldwide and $250 million in domestic DVD sales. His reputation in the ‘90s as one of the big screen’s most dependable box office stars gave him the juice to produce his own films, a rarity for African-American actors. 

Blackballed: A very public battle with Blade: Trinity (2004) director David Goyer and film studio New Line Cinema ensured that Snipes would never eat in Tinsel Town again. A series of straight-to-DVD movies (7 Seconds, The Detonator, and The Art of War II: Betrayal) soon followed. By 2006 Snipes was fighting charges that he defrauded the United States of federal income taxes. Although there is now talk of a comeback with his well-received role in the crime drama Brooklyn’s Finest, he still faces three years in prison while his appeal is being considered.

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