Brooklyn’s Finest Makes Strong Debut; Don Cheadle Lauds Film


When the weekend box office totals came in for the gritty cop drama Brooklyn’s Finest, the numbers looked marginal at best. But when a film rakes in $13.3 million, debuts at no. 2 and cost $25 million to make, the math speaks volumes. The Antoine Fuqua-directed flick, starring Ethan Hawke, Wesley Snipes, Richard Gere and Don Cheadle, is finding success on its own terms.

“Not everything has to have a big budget,” says Cheadle of the commercial impact of Brooklyn’s Finest. “I served as one of the producers of the film. It was a great experience working with Antoine, Wesley, and all the other actors. To me it’s about being a part of a film that not only challenges the audience but helps me grow as an artist.”

Next up for Fuqua? A biopic on infamous cocaine kingpin Pablo Escoba. —Keith Murphy  

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