‘Brooklyn’s Finest’ & VIBE Want To Give You A PS3


As you’ve probably noticed from our homepage’s tricked-out skin, the cop action drama Brooklyn’s Finest—starring Richard Gere, Don Cheadle, Ethan Hawke and Wesley Snipes—hits theaters today. And to celebrate it’s release, folks behind the film have teamed up with VIBE to give away a Playstation 3. And you don’t even have to snitch on anyone!

You do, however, have to put your BK knowledge out there. Specifically Brooklyn hip-hop. The first person to complete the following affidavit quiz on Nas’ birth borough (look it up!) and e-mail the answers to [email protected] will become the proud owner of a PS3. Look at the below, er, lineup and give us some answers!


1) Wu-Tang rep Staten Island hard, yet five members were actually born in Brooklyn. Can you name all five Wu-Brooklynites?

2) Which Brooklyn-born rapper is one of only three rap acts to be certified diamond (10x platinum)?

3) What’s the first Brooklyn rap act to go platinum, and what was the name of the millie-selling album that did it?

4) Which rapper’s name is an homage to a subway stop that ran through his old Brooklyn neighborhood?

5) What Brooklyn neighborhood bred the most number of notable rappers?


Contest closes Sunday, March 7, at 11:59 pm. And not a minute later. Don’t make us bring in the bad cop!