A Chick And A Dude Review Nicki Minaj’s “Massive Attack”


While opinions on Nicki Minaj’s first single, “Massive Attack,” remain immensely polarized, two of VIBE’s resident critics took to the IM box (and their iTunes) to hash out their opinions on Barbie’s brand new joint.



be honest, how many times have you listened to this?

or more so

been able to bare listening to this?

about three times


 We have to do what we have to do!


speakers are sooooo beyond necessary for this

i think sean garrett is really just the problem

the hook fucking sucks

 Yes…he’s annoying as all hell

haha! poor garrett, aww

The verses are not the problem…It’s the production…it’s too “smart” for it’s own good

true, but i still wanted more weirdo girl from nicks. you know he wanted this as his own song, right?

he should have kept it

ha! wtf are tom toms?

thank the lord this is under four minutes

Ha!….I think Nicki has to understand who her audience is…They want to hear some shit they can rap too without thinking too hard

exactamundo, something that’s easy to recite

and most importantly

FUN to recite

my boobs aren’t jiggling to this nickster

Yes…you name your fans Barbie…But this is more Brats

la ha!!

brat attack!

boobs…(I just can’t…lol)

So do you think this ruins the set up for her album?

nah, i think im strangely more intrigued

for real?

yeah, the car wreck effect

ha…you can’t turn your head

exacctly. but im sure she can pull off a great album still

I do want to see the video though….Amber Rose is in it…that should be NICE  

lmao @ those caps son

you just want some boob on boob action

you know, terius usually sucks w singles as well

they’re never truly representative of his complete body of work


OK…can we stop calling him Terius?

but that’s his freaking name!

The Dream doesn’t have it like that yet to go by his government 


alright, we’ll have a TERIUS convo in like a week here when the video for love king drops




So what’s the verdict on Nicki’s new joint?

final thoughts…

remix the hook!

She has to go back to the lab

Her impact on female rap means too much to fumble the ball like this

she just needs to keep a mixtape state of mind

I don’t know about that…

she might be thinking too hard w this album

her best songs

were the ones on her mixtape

when she could let loose

like you said, this joint was too smart

I think she should keep it in the Drake, Young Money vein

she needs catchy singles that still gets love in the hood

She’s not Jean Grey

yeah, but you know when your teacher used to say just think of the test like it was a practice test

to ease your nerves


i think if she thought of this album as a huge 1hr feature, she’ll be straight.

We will see…the one thing Nicki should remember is to have fun, if she does that, the rest will take care of itself