Chris Brown Blackballed (Pg. 3)


VIBE: What’s going on with Chris Brown, and the dilemma with the radio stations?

JOJO: I heard someone say, “I was playing Chris Brown’s records before, but not now!” I heard that myself…because of the Rihanna thing.— 

HENRY: To a certain extent, I think the Rihanna situation gave certain program directors and radio people a reason not to play his records. And I was just looking at his sales the other day—he’s closing in at 300,000. We’re talking about a multi-platinum artist… 

SICKAMORE: It’s not that the radio is not playing his record. He don’t have a hot record. He had so many hits in a row that he didn’t know what it meant not to have a hot record out. Now he needs the radio to kind of push a record along that might not be as hot. And that depends on relationships. If Chris Brown had something hot off the Gangsta Grillz, you can’t stop him because he’d get hot on his own, because the fans would make him hot. But when he’s cold and he drops a lukewarm single like he did with “Transform Ya” and he drops a lukewarm album like he did…

“I heard someone say, ‘I was playing Chris Brown’s records before, but not now!'” JoJo Brim

[Radio people think] How much has Chris Brown really helped me in the past, that I can help him out now? If he had came to a couple of more car shows, signed a couple of more autographs, did a couple of more radio promo stuff, then, “Yeah, you know what, Chris Brown’s record coming out? We’ll promote him in rain, sleet, hail or snow because we fuck with Chris, that’s our boy. And if he didn’t do that, then fuck him, who cares? We don’t have to play his record. We’ll give that spot to Trey [Songz].” That’s how they think. What happens is, when people start getting cold, you don’t have to treat them the same way as when they were hot.

VIBE: So Chris is being blackballed because he’s no longer hot? 

JOJO: I would slightly disagree with that, because the context of it is a little different. Most people who say that they’re blacklisted, they say that within the context of something happened with them or something occurred that made people treat them different. Being hot and being cold is a different thing. I don’t know a lot of artists that say, “I’m blacklisted,” because they got cold. Now, if you were the type of artist that ran around smacking people and didn’t show up for shit and had a history of being volatile, then that would be the context to say, “I’m blacklisted.”

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