Chris Brown Blackballed (Pg. 4)


VIBE: Why do artists get blacklisted? 

HENRY: Definitely a deal going sour. Perhaps you were dealing with a high level executive or somebody that’s been in the business for many years and it didn’t end on good terms. And depending on how personal they take it, they might decide to make your life a living hell in the industry just by relationships and friendships that you may have. There’s a lot of things that go on behind the scenes.

SICKAMORE: If an artist gets crazy when they’re coming up, people just wait for them to come back down so they can be like, “Ah, nah, I’m not going to do anything for them” off the strength. And then there’s certain people who keep such great relationships, that they could be cold but people will always do things for them, like a Jay-Z. When he’s hot or cold, people love doing things for him because he’s a great person and he does good things for people. Jay-Z’s the kind of person who would remember your birthday, send you a gift…but he got that from [Frank] Sinatra. Sinatra use to be like that. Anybody who was on Sinatra’s side, he would really take care of. He’d have your birthday cataloged, anniversaries, anything he had to do just to keep that relationship in tack. Jay understands the business side of it, the political side of it. 

VIBE: Is what’s happening to Chris Brown right now fair? 

HENRY: How can you say “It’s not fair”? How can you even use those words? I’m unapologetic to artists who get into situations like that and then feel like they’re owed something. 

TUBBY: If an artist beats on a woman, he deserves people to look the other way. He brought that upon himself. 

JOJO: What happened with Chris Brown happened. Chris Brown wasn’t a superstar because of his personal life. He was a superstar because he made great records and he had a great team and people bought into what he was selling. We don’t know him personally. To now take away a guy’s right to make a living because of [the Rihanna incident] is not cool.

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