Chris Brown Blackballed (Pg. 5)


VIBE: Can Chris Brown make a comeback? 

TUBBY: I wouldn’t count him out. If he has that record that make everyone forgive him he could come back. 

HENRY: I tell artists: Don’t ever let the personal things get in the way of why you got into the business in the first place. Don’t ever let the fame get to your head where it interferes with the music.

SICKAMORE: Chris Brown blew up so quick that he never had to shake as many hands as say an artist who blew up on his third album, like a Trey Songz. [But] Chris Brown’s an amazing artist and he’s always one record away from becoming hot again. Now, he has to do more stuff. He has to do a Gangsta Grillz, he has to go on Twitter and talk to his fans, ’cause he wasn’t doing all that stuff when he was hot. He didn’t even talk about that shit. But now that he’s cold, he has to do these things.

JOJO: I think the only thing you can do is start from zero. Like, go back to that radio station and the B-market that you didn’t want to go to and start there. Start from the ground and build over again. It’s got to be in action, it can’t be in what you say. People who say they got a strategy to this, they fucking kidding themselves. Ain’t no strategy to it, you got to start over and be humble.

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