Controversial New AKOO Ad Literally Sucks


T.I.’s AKOO clothing line has folks riled up over a sexually provocative billboard in downtown Newark, New Jersey.

The advertisement, suggestive of oral sex, features a woman tugging on a man’s jeans with her head below his waist. Some city officials aren’t pleased.

“I’m so sick of people seeing Newark as a place where they can do whatever they want,” said Mildred Crump, City Council President. “They think they can put it in a black community and nobody is going to say or do anything.”

The ad, however, is on the tamer side of what AKOO’s ad department has been drafting up. VIBE visited the headquarters of AKOO distribution partner RP55 last month, viewing another advertisment that included a simulated rape scene, with a man forcibly on top of a girl. RP55 Presiednt Ralph Reynolds wasn’t opposed to pushing the envelop.

“It gets your attention, doesn’t it?” a grinning Reynolds told VIBE. —Adrien Field

What do you think of the ad?  Should be it taken down or is this just some, ahem, overblown reaction?

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