A Day In The Life of A Breezy Stan [pg. 2]


Is the media taking too long to forgive Chris Brown?
Yeah, they are. On that message he recorded, he just sounded so sad. Why should radio stations not play his music? I don’t understand. Get over it. He’s human at the end of the day. 

If you could control all of media how would you deal with Chris’?
I think that if Chris hadn’t gone right into the CD, the media would’ve cooled down. Because when he came back, it seemed like they never let it go of all this nonsense. But the media should at least take a break from him.

Are taking a break and forgiving him different things? Have you forgiven him or are you just looking past what he did? 
I forgive him. But he didn’t do anything to the fans, I mean he kind of did, but I forgive him through everything. I will be there for a long time [sighs]. I’ll be there through everything. 

What was your first reaction to hearing that message last week? 
I cried. He just sounded so distraught. As soon as he left that message, I got on Twitter and said ‘Look we need to do something about this.’ Team Breezy, we all got together and went to different radio station Twitter pages and asked them to play his music.

How have you managed to organize this Team Breezy Twitter campaign? 
I’m always promoting his CD on Twitter and tweeting stuff to support him, so a lot of people started following me and I just thought to call everyone Team Breezy. I’m not a leader, I’m just trying to help him out like every other member is. 


“You can judge me, you can say whatever you want, but I don’t care… That’s how Chris Brown should feel”


What’s the life of a Team Breezy member like?
I go to his site all day. I listen to his music all day. 

How many times a day do you think you tweet about him? 
Maybe five hundred.

How can Chris live up to his diehard fans? 
It would mean the world to me if I just sat down with him for two minutes. 

Has he responded directly to you on Twitter?
Yeah, he RT’d me and is following me, but I’ll send him direct messages and he won’t reply back. I don’t know if he sees them or not. 

What did you send him?
‘Now that [my tattoos are] all on Media Takeout, do you think it’s a good thing or a bad thing?’ But yeah, he didn’t reply yet. 

Many say, ‘Once a man hits a woman once, he’ll hit her again. If Breezy got into another incident would you stay by his side? What’s the breaking point for you?
I would stay by his side. I would be shocked, but I didn’t get these tattoos for no reason. I just hope that everything gets better and that he’s a changed man.

If you had those two minutes to sit down with him, what advice would you give?
To keep making good music and to trust the fans—you’re not going anywhere Chris.

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