DMX Is Going To Jail…Or Rehab


DMX has been sentenced to six months in prison for violating his probation. According to TMZ, X has admitted to five violations for cocaine probation.

At the hearing, celebrity rehab specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky reportedly submitted a letter requesting to treat the troubled rapper instead of giving him jail time.

DMX (born Earl Simmons) was arrested on March 9. “He’s been battling addiction for some time and he’s in need of treatment,”the rapper’s attorney, Gary Jenkins, told TMZ at the time. “We’re hoping that maybe Dr. Drew might be able to help him.”

Last week, X’s friend Dame Grease told VIBE that X had been clean. “Of course, the main thing is getting him healthy. But he’s been clean. He knows he can’t use drugs ’cause he’ll go to fuckin’ jail. I don’t know what the exact terms [of the violation] are, but as far as any dirty urine, I’m not aware of that and I know he’s been clean.”

DMX was reportedly recording music at the time of his sentencing. —Linda Hobbs

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