Erykah Badu’s Trailer for ‘Window Seat’ > Any Celebrity Sex Tape


It’s not so much Erykah Badu can get away with this sort of thing, so much as it is she can get away with it and we actually like, no love, it.

The trailer for the video of Badu’s new single, “Window Seat” is nothing more than the singer applying makeup in the mirror, in preparation for what we can only assume is the final product. It’s not a 30-second mash-up of scenes from a 3:00 minute clip. Nor some corny camera panning that leaves us hanging at the end, accompanied by a snippet of song. This trailer is the full song, all 4:52 of it, and just Badu, herself, getting more and more beautiful with each passing second. And even though the woman’s natural beauty is a sight to behold (we’ve seen those eyes in person, they’re crazy!), Badu getting her face did has us in awe. Enjoy. —Jozen Cummings