Eve Transforms Into “Post-Apocalyptic Medusa” For “My Chick Bad” Remix Video


With Ludacris “My Chick Bad” video making waves, fans of the much-talked-about clip, which features rap’s current it-girl Nicki Minaj, have also been buzzing about its reported all-star sequel, the audio of which was released earlier today. Director Taj Stansberry, who helmed the original and remix clips, spoke with VIBE about shining the spotlight on Eve, Diamond and Trina for the follow-up flick.

“We wanted to surprise people with the second video,” says director Taj Stansberry, who helmed both clips. “When we shot the remix with Trina, Diamond and Eve, they each had their own set-ups and they were amazing. What I really didn’t want to do is shoot a remix video that was completely in a different world than the original. I wanted to give them all the same effects Nicki received. The video is all about fashion, glamour, and seeing these women beautiful, strong and powerful. I really wanted to play on their power in a humorous way. So I put some male extras within their scenes where they are literally working on each set. These women are the bosses.”

As for his experience working with Luda and Minaj, Stansberry offers nothing but praise.Well, Luda really makes great videos,” he says. “I gave him straightforward photography where he was lit like he was in a fashion magazine. And Nicki is a star now without the years behind her. She has a very strong presence. She walks into the room and you’re like,’Wow.’ But she’s also an entertainer and a lyricist. She brings a lot of things to the table.”

Stansberry was tightlipped about the not-yet-released remix video, but did speak on Eve’s camera time. “Eve’s set reminds me of a post-apocalyptic 2010 Medusa,” Stansberry says. “That’s the only one I’ll give you.

While no official date has been set for the release of the “My Chick Bad” remix video, the director says Ludacris is looking to drop it this month. —Keith Murphy