Expert Commentary: Why Tiger Woods Should Already Be Back

On Tuesday (March 16), Tiger Woods announced that he’s making his return to golf in April at the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia, following a tabloid-fodder cheating scandal. ESPN Columnist Jemele Hill thinks it’s about time. But will his comeback be a huge media distraction? And, more important, will he win?



I thought Tiger Woods should’ve come back before this. He kind of put a scarlet letter on his chest that was completely unnecessary. I realize that he said he had some therapy issues to deal with, but the fact that he chose the Masters illustrates that this was a very calculated move. Everyone knows that the Masters credentials are a lot more difficult to get than your average tournament. The tournament Marshalls do an excellent job of keeping it a controlled, traditional environment and just the location of where it is makes it kind of impossible for any circus-like atmosphere to develop. From a strategic standpoint it makes perfect sense, but I’m just not sure it made a lot of sense from a golf standpoint, or in terms of him getting his life back together. 

Because at some point, he’s going to be before an uncontrolled mob. He’s going to have to address it again. We’ve seen a lot of public figures who have made these kinds of mistakes before—the former President of the United States did—so I never understood why he felt he had to separate himself from a situation that we’ve seen unfold many times. Very few people went into the kind of self-imposed exile that he seemed to go into. I think that letting the situation get to this point where you have to bring in somebody like Ari Fleischer, he just let it get too out of control.

"He’s gonna be self-conscious for the first time ever in his professional career."

He benefited from just releasing a simple statement at the beginning of this onslaught that pretty much told everybody, ‘Yeah, just stay out my business.’ That should have just been his message. It’s not like, at least from of the more mainstream media, he’s gonna give a press conference and one of us is gonna stand up and say, ‘Oh, alleged mistress 13, what can you tell us about her?’ Nobody wants to be a part of that kind of circus. I think he told some very simple truths in that [press conference] statement. He [mentioned] entitlement, plus obviously he is very wealthy and that played a big role in why he decided that the rules don’t apply to him, and I think that’s a very common mindset among athletes unfortunately. They have more money and more means and more opportunity and more options than most and a lot of them take advantage of that, and he was no different, even though I think people believed that he was.

[More on Tiger's chances at the Master's and whether women will support his comeback on Pg. 2]

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T.I. Scolds Man For Wearing Gucci Amid Blackface Scandal

Gucci brand might be on a mission to right its wrongs, but T.I. isn't willing to forgive and forget so easily. A month after the luxury fashion brand received backlash for selling a sweater that resembled blackface, T.I. was seen on camera scolding a man for rocking the brand's latest steez.

"Stand up for yourself, brother," T.I. told the man. "It's what's in you, not what's on you. That sh*t ain't shit until we put it on! We make that sh*t fly! Look at me, n***a. I'm fly as a motherf**ker and I ain't got that sh*t on. I look better than you, as a matter of fact." The video was reportedly filmed outside of a bistro earlier this week.

The man hit back, using the argument that T.I. previously owned Gucci items. "They showed me their disrespect, so guess what? I can't do it no more," he said defending himself.

As previously reported, T.I. announced his plans to boycott Gucci in Feb. 2019, after news of the blackface sweater began to circulate. "We ain't going for this 'oops my bad I didn't mean to be racist and disrespectful towards your people' shit!!! Y'all knew wtf y'all was doing and WE AINT GOING FOR IT," he said in a lengthy Instagram post at the time.

In addition to publicly apologizing, Gucci has since launched a new initiative. With help from Dapper Dan and other fashion leaders, the brand announced its Changemakers Council implement and invest in programs that promote diversity and support communities of color. The council will include DeRay McKesson,, and writer and activist Brittany Packnett. A Changemakers Fund will donate $5 million to underrepresented communities around the U.S.

“It is imperative that we have a seat at the table to say how we should be represented and reimagined," Dapper Dan said in a statement announcing the initiative. "Through our work together, Gucci is in a position to lead the overall industry toward becoming a better more inclusive one."

We'll see if that convinces T.I. to have a change of heart. In the meantime, check out the video of him scolding a man below.


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T.I. droppin Jewels during one of my meetings at the bistro...homie was Gucci Down too... #WrongPlaceWrongTime @troubleman31 @iam_lyriq @theshaderoom @50cent

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Rich The Kid Dubs Himself The Hottest Rapper In New York

Rich The Kid's newest album The World Is Yours 2 dropped today (Mar. 22), and before his highly-anticipated LP dropped, he took to Instagram to make some pretty bold statements.

"I am the hottest rapper out of New York," he wrote in a now-deleted IG story post. "Name a ny rapper who get more a show than me? Name a new york artist got more Platinums."

In a repost of his story to his page, he captioned his sentiment with "FACT... name a New York male artist that bigger than rich...ON GOD ... no rapper in nyc other than @iamcardib get paid more a show & in this business than RICH #funfact."

This year, we've seen several rappers making spirited and confident declarations about their spots in the game. Soulja Boy claimed he was the hottest rapper in the game back in January, and Tory Lanez dubbed himself the "best rapper alive right now." Just yesterday (Mar. 21), Kodak Black told us to put some respect on his name, urging us to place him at the same level as legends like Tupac, Biggie and Nas.

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Wendy Williams' Husband Speaks On Talk Show Host's Recent Treatment Disclosure

In front of a live studio audience and viewers at home, Wendy Williams shared that she's been living in a sober house to seek treatment for previous cocaine addiction. On Tuesday (March 19), the 54-year-old pop culture commentator said after each taping, her sober coach ushers her back to the residence to continue rehabilitation.

During her speech, Williams said only her husband, Kevin Hunter, knew of her ongoing assistance. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hunter shared that his wife's health is on the upswing and they're taking it one day at a time. "We are moving forward with working on her sobriety and doing the work to help others, not just ourselves," he said. "It is a family process. Anybody that has to deal with this knows this is a family process."

To further support those in similar situations to Williams', the couple established The Hunter Foundation in 2014. The outreach program assists young people cemented between addiction and recovery. The non-profit organization also administers information on outlets of healing.

Williams said she's steadily fighting this addiction that she described as a "10-year ride with the cocaine and the crack." The news arrived several days after the mother-of-one returned to center stage on her eponymous talk show. Williams noted under medical orders that she needed to take an extended hiatus to treat her Graves' disease, and during a taping, she divulged on the thyroid condition and thanked her doctors for helping to strengthen her health.

Wendy's back!

— Wendy Williams (@WendyWilliams) March 4, 2019

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