Final Four ’10 Picks: It Ain’t All Fun & Games [pg. 5]


4. Picking a national championship isn’t all fun and games when you’re the President.
As we pointed out earlier, Obama clearly is a frontrunner. He just is. We’ve accepted it. But we’re a little more willing to let it slide this one last time considering that he picked Kansas at least partially because his Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius is a former Kansas governor. After all, it’s not exactly a bad thing to have her in a good mood when it’s time to talk about health care reform legislation, right? “I want her to be happy when she’s working on these important issues over here,” Obama said after making the pick. 

But, let’s be real: If she was the former governor of Montana (a 14 seed in the tournament) or Washington (an 11 seed in the tournament), would Obama still be singing that same tune when it came time to filling out his bracket? Um, probably not. Nice try, though! Let the games begin…

Do you agree with President Obama’s Final Four picks? Got a sleeper on your mind that might take the title this year? Still pissed that your team didn’t make the tourney? Drop us a line in the comment section while you’re catching the first round of action of CBS today.