Final Four Picks ’10: Obama Is A Frontrunner! [pg. 2]


1. It’s official: Obama is a frontrunner! 
When President Obama filled out his NCAA bracket last year, we let him slide. He was, after all, pretty busy doing stuff like, ya know, getting inaugurated and taking over the Oval Office during the first half of the year. So we didn’t blame him for picking the super-obvious choice (North Carolina) to win last year’s NCAA Tournament.

But, come on, Prez. You’re starting to look a little bit like that kid that shows up to elementary school every winter wearing a new Starter coat repping his new “favorite” team, that also happens to be the best team in the NBA. You’ve now picked the Phillies to win the 2008 World Series, the Steelers to win the 2009 Super Bowl, Carolina to win the 2009 NCAA Tournament, the Lakers to win the 2009 NBA Finals and now the No. 1 overall seed Kansas to win the 2010 NCAA Tournament. Granted, you did pick the Saints to win the Super Bowl this year, but that felt a little more like you had to pick them as opposed to you actually wanting to do it. Either way, it’s time for a real change: Pick an underdog!