Find Your Old MP3s In The Attic


Thanks to today’s iPods that literally store more music than you can listen to, there’s a good chance you’ve got a lot of tracks tucked away that you never actually play. You know, that old J-Kwon burner, Cam’s second album, that “Best of…” album that you secretly hopes gets some play when you hit shuffle in your car. Yeah, they’re there somewhere, but unless you go and look for them (or you keep your iPod on shuffle for, say, the next three months), there’s a good chance they won’t be getting played anytime soon.

It’s one of the reasons the brand-new Attic app is a simple but brilliant idea. Essentially, the Attic app uses a clever user interface to display all the albums that you have stored away by don’t listen to frequently (thus, the “attic” theme). You can then scan through and see which ones you want to hear, have the app shuffle through and play songs from those albums randomly or delete them from consideration altogether. Besides helping you see which of your albums you play the least, it can also help you create playlists of the music you listen to regularly, too, and keep track of all your albums (just peep the J Dilla Donuts album above—damn, we wish our iPods would play that more!). So if you’ve got an iPhone or an iPod Touch, it’s worth the 99-cent price tag. —Chris Yuscavage

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