Is Gilbert Arenas the Next Plaxico?


If left up to prosecutors, Gilbert Arenas will be joining Plaxico Burress, and a couple of other high-profile jailbirds, in the slammer.

According to the Washington Post, federal prosecutors are suggesting D.C. Superior Court judge throw Arenas in the pen for at least three months. The suggestion was given due to Arenas, 28, lying about carrying four unloaded guns. It also involves Arenas denying his confrontation with his teammate Javaris Crittenton. The confrontation with Crittenton reportedly involved a gun duel following a gambling debt. Because of this, prosecutors have presented new evidence accusing Arenas of being a danger to his teammates.

After the confrontation with Crittenton, Arenas attempted to send his teammate a text message asking him to deny the confrontation ever occurred.

Because of a plea deal, Arenas cannot receive more than six-months in prison. He is scheduled to sentenced on Friday.