Gilbert Arenas Shoots and Scores?


What is it about powerful and affluent black men that just doesn’t always seem to go over quite so well in the nation’s capital?

In the same week that President Barack Obama was condemned to death by some based on his policies and principles, Washington Wizards star guard Gilbert Arenas has now been sentenced to confinement due to his somewhat quirky and childish nature.

Now let’s kick the ballistics here, no one, least among them yours truly, is overlooking or even condoning Agent Zero’s deranged and brazen act of bringing guns into his team’s NBA lockerroom, even if as he still insists, it was all done in fun and jest and not for the purposes of actually harming anyone.

But isn’t it fair to reason that if Arenas’ juvenile behavior can ultimately make for 30-days in a halfway house, two years probation and registered status as a gun offender shouldn’t a second allegation of rape levied against fellow star athlete Ben Roethlisberger in less than twelve months at least constitute reason enough for law enforcement to speak with him face to face? 

Alas, to paraphrase the words of none other than streetlife savant Nino Brown, what happened today in D.C. Superior Court  seems a lot bigger than just Gilbert Arenas. It sends the crystal-clear, black and white message that it remains open season, not just in the nation’s capital, but all over the land when it comes to black men and how they are treated and ultimately dealt with in comparison to whites.

Harken back to Obama for a moment, and the judge-and-jury like trial he seems to face each and every time he’s moved to regulate. Now, ask yourself when is the last time, if at all,  you’ve ever heard such heated debate over our commander-and-chief’s each and every proposal.

 Where were all the tireless dissenters when George W. Bush was in power? Or are we to believe all these same people were somehow in lockstep with the idea of just one man leading this country into two world wars and steering our national economy over a cliff.

No clearly, something seems amiss in D.C., though I’m just as certain the issue isn’t confined to just that jurisdiction. The rather distinct handling of  Agent Zero and Big Ben proves as much. —Glenn Minnis