The Goods: Ayo, Where You At?! The Chirp Phone is Back!


Okay, so technically the chirp phone never really left (what up, JD and Young Jeezy?!). Just take a quick look at the Boost Mobile web site and you’ll find plenty of cell phones still equipped with the “walkie-talkie” feature that had the kids going crazy a few years ago. But that fad kinda came and went once those same kids realized they’d rather listen to music on their iPhones or download apps on their Android-equipped G1 than annoy a train full of people use their cell phones as a walkie-talkie.


Thing is, that walkie-talkie feature actually is a relatively useful feature for a phone. It’s one of the reasons Sprint and Motorola just teamed up to create the Motorola i1, the world’s first push-to-talk (aka “chirp”) Android-powered smart phone. And, fortunately, it does more than just chirp this time around. It’s also got a 3.1-inch touchscreen, Wi-Fi, an Opera Mini 5 browser, the “Swype” virtual keyboard, a 5-megapixel camera, access to apps, and the Nextel Direct Connect push-to-talk feature. Motorola also announced that Mike Rowe (the dude that hosts Dirty Jobs on Discovery Channel) is now an official spokesperson for the brand as well, meaning the i1 and all future push-to-talk phones developed through the company will have an extra layer of toughness added to them.


So, our guess? You’ll be doing a lot more than just chirping with this thing when it drops. Check for it to hit stores this summer. Pre-register for it over here.—Chris Yuscavage