The Goods: ‘Battlefield: Bad Company 2′ Breaks Down the Art of War


With the Oscars coming up on Sunday night, everyone is talking about war. With the critically-acclaimed flick, The Hurt Locker, up for nine nominations, including Best Picture, folks are all about cinematic battlefield scenes these days. That’s really nothing new for gamers. Seems like every week there’s a new first-person shooter based around going off to war. The latest is Electronic Arts’ Battlefield: Bad Company 2, a sequel to the heralded Battlefield: Bad Company. It doesn’t go down in the Middle East like THL, but it does feature plenty of destructive war scenes. Your mission is to lead a group of Army misfits through a host of World War II-era missions that lead you from an island off the coast of Japan to the jungles of South America and nearly everywhere in between. Like last week’s big new game Heavy Rain, the game also gives you the option to control how certain missions turn out based on your involvement in the game (For the record, though, it’s nowhere near as captivating as HR—if ya ain’t down with it yet, go get it!). But, of course, the coolest feature in the game is that it features destructive environments—meaning you’re basically gonna be blowing off steam leveling entire buildings and taking down everything in your sights. So if the Oscars don’t quite do it for you, hit the battlefield in Battlefield, which is available today on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and on your PC.—Chris Yuscavage


Peep some of the battle scenes here. Just don’t peep ‘em at work, ha: