The Goods: Meet Alex, the Kindle’s Toughest Competitor


We know, we know—you’re already overwhelmed with the number of e-readers out there on the market. So are we. But the brand-new Spring Design Alex, which is currently available for pre-order and ships in April, is different. Promise. First of all, the Alex is more than just an e-reader. It includes two screens—one full-color 3.5-inch touchscreen that’s perfect for browsing the Web and one six-inch screen designed for e-reading. The best part? The screens work together with Alex’s “Touch and Extend” feature, meaning you can search the Web for a story that you’re interested in reading on the bottom screen and then shoot it up to the larger screen to read. Or, you can read an e-book or a publication up top and search the Web on the bottom anytime you need to look something up. You can also watch video on the smaller screen, listen to music and download apps because the Alex operates on Android. Starting in June, the Alex will also have access to the Borders e-book marketplace, giving you access to a huge selection of reading material.


Listen, we know you’re stoked for the iPad, but if you’re strictly thinking about using your e-reader as an e-reader, crack open an Alex. Available now for pre-order for $399 over here.—Chris Yuscavage