The Goods: Netflix Streams on the Windows Phone 7 Series


Yes! While Microsoft still isn’t planning to release its exciting Windows Phone 7 Series handhelds until the end of the year, the company just let out a few new details at their MIX10 press event in Las Vegas about what to expect when they do eventually drop. One of the most exciting things is that Netflix has developed an app for Windows Phone 7 Series that finally—finally!—features streaming of all the “Watch Instantly” movies in your queue over a 3G connection. And from the looks of it, it doesn’t just sound like a good idea, either. It actually looks like one legitimate reason that you might want to invest in one of these Windows phones when they come out. Because if this is any indication of what some of the other apps might look like…Well, let’s just say it’s a good look for Microsoft.


Check out the video below (courtesy of tech blog Engadget) to see the Netflix app in action. Impressive.—Chris Yuscavage