The Goods: The New TiVo Premier Sees the Big Picture


What the hell did you do before DVR became popular? Chances are, unless you were skilled on the VCR, you were using TiVo. And if you can believe it, TiVo is still around despite the fact that box-tops like the Boxee Box are slowly gaining a loyal following. That’s not a bad thing, either, especially when you consider that the new TiVo Premier that was announced yesterday is certified when it comes to handling your TV needs. For anyone looking to watch TV or use the ‘net to watch TV, the Premier is changing the way things are done. For starters, the user interface on the Premier is brand-new and designed to be easy-to-use, which is something that, frankly, isn’t gonna be the case with the Boxee. The Premier will allow you to search for TV programming both on live TV and on the Web as well as use Pandora, Netflix and YouTube. And the best part is that later this year TiVo will also offer up a Bluetooth-enabled remote with a QWERTY keyboard that will make it easy to use all of the features available through the box. Of course, it’s also good simply for watching TV and recording your favorite shows. But where’s the fun in that?!


Check for a 320GB model that stores 45 hours of storage capacity for $300 or a 1TB (terabyte!) model that handles 150 hours of programming for $500. Both models hit stores in early April.—Chris Yuscavage