The Goods: The Sony PlayStation Cell Phone?


Damn, Sony. In high school, you were the man, Sony! Remember when Sony basically ruled your life? (assuming you’re not, like, 12 now) You’d come home from school listening to your Sony Walkman, watch your Sony TV, play your Sony PlayStation…And then, one day, poof! Suddenly, it’s all about your Apple iPhone, your Panasonic TV and your Xbox 360.


Sony is hoping to change all that very, very soon, though. According to the Wall Street Journal, the electronics company is currently working on smart phone that will play video games (could this be the long-rumored PlayStation cell phone?) as well as a device meant to rival the Apple iPad that will be sorta e-reading netbook-like gaming system (or something like that). Sony is also launching the Sony Online Service later this month that will offer movies, TV shows and songs just like Apple iTunes does, but they’re also looking to corner the market on video games by offering PlayStation releases as well. As always, stay tuned. But it looks like Sony could be doing their best to make up for the big mistake they made earlier this week.—Chris Yuscavage