The Goods: Step Up to the Plate With ‘MLB At Bat 2010′ App


In case you’ve missed the last two weeks of Sportscenter, there’s something we have to tell you: Baseball is here! In fact, yesterday was the day that both MLB 2K10 and MLB 10: The Show dropped on your favorite gaming console. Soon enough, though, the real thing will be here (Opening Day: April 4!) and you know what that means: Tallying up how many losses the Mets will have this season Trying to keep up with the scores of all those day games, doubleheaders and late-night West Coast games! To help, MLB just released At Bat 2010, an app designed to let you listen to games live from anywhere, stream out-of-market games and watch videos of every player on every team. Basically, if you’re into baseball, you’re gonna be into At Bat 2010. Plus, it’s only $14.99 to buy the app for the entire season, which works out to roughly nine cents for every MLB regular season game. Seems pretty reasonable to us, no? Play ball.—Chris Yuscavage