Guess What’s Going 3D Next?


Apple?! Google?! Microsoft?! VIBE TV?! Wrong, wrong, wrong, and…Well, you’ll have to wait and see about that last one, now won’t you? (Gucci Mane’s first post-jail interview—in 3D?! Buuurrrrrr!)

Anyway, the answer is… Nintendo! [insert false sense of surprise here]. Okay, okay, maybe Nintendo isn’t exactly the last company you’d guess when it comes to 3D technology, but considering that they’ve made it perfectly clear that they’re not releasing a Wii 2 anytime soon—and considering that they’ve got a new handheld DSi dropping next week—it’s a little surprising to hear the company drop their latest bombshell: They’re currently working on the Nintendo 3DS (at least, that’s what it’s tentatively being called) that will be a handheld gaming console that allows you to play games in 3D—without glasses. Price? Availability? Specs? Good luck finding out much before the annual E3 Expo in June. But the company did announce that the system should be ready to roll out by 2011.

This 3D thing is definitely here to stay, folks. Get your minds right. —Chris Yuscavage

Here’s what the streets tweets are saying the 3DS’s 3D graphics could look like:

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