Headphones That Put Your Ears To The Street


Even if you’ve moved past the white ones that came with your iPod, there’s a pretty good chance that there’s nothing special about your earbuds. They might sound good, they might block out noise, they might even let you take phone calls. But, guess what? They look just like everyone else’s. Not to worry…Well, not to worry if you’re balling. The Street Headphones from Freedom of Creation have you (and your ears) covered.

And here’s why they’re cool: You send F of C the names of your favorite bands or musicians. F of C then takes those names and creates a customized pair of headphones that features all of the names of your favorite artists written three-dimensionally. Unfortunately, there’s no technical specs for the Street Headphones available, but at a staggering $1,260, it’s safe to say they must sound decent. Check them out here. —Chris Yuscavage