How Low: Twitter Responds To Pant Sagging Billboards


Senator Eric Adams wants youth to say no to crack. The New York State politician used $2,000 in campaign funds to pay for six billboards placed in Brooklyn along heavily traveled streets denouncing the saggy jean trend. The 22-foot-tall billboards feature two male models standing with pants so low that their underwear are exposed and read slogans like, “Stop the sag!” and “We are better than this!”

Is this a trend that needs to end or do you like your pants on the ground? asked a few readers via Twitter, what they thought. —Starrene Rhett

@Rhapso_DY  Sagging is bad enough, but in the day of the skinny jean, sagging should be outlawed.

@musjazz10 I agree w/ stop the sag movement.  That look is over (it been over for a whie)! It’s really horrible with the skinny jeans.

@CM_3 dudes 21 and up should “stop the sag.” Exceptions to certain rappers bc it fits the image they’re attempting to portray & sell.

@Scholar2012 I sy he just looking fo attention/ We have more important issues than the way somebody wear their clothes. Raise up dude.

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