How To Tiger Woods-Proof Your Text Messages


If you take anything away from the Tiger Woods fiasco, let it be this: You best protect your text. And thanks to a new app called TigerText, it’s easier than ever to do just that. Ordinarily, once you send someone a text, that text is received and either deleted immediately, kept until the recipient’s phone automatically deletes it or simply saved forever (just ask Tiger!), which might just leave you in a precarious position sometime in the future. But with TigerText, you control the life span of your text messages by manually setting the time that you want your text message to delete from both your phone and your recipient’s phone. Of course, that ain’t gonna help you if you’ve got an incriminating voice mail to match the text—but it will help you get rid of all those texts you shot out Saturday night after you left the club. It’s currently only available through The iPhone App Store but check for it coming to Blackberry and Android soon, too. —Chris Yuscavage

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